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Free Daily Football Betting Tip

Every day, our system analyzes the numbers to determine which match is the daily football betting tip.
It has chosen the following as today’s FBT! These are the finest football predictions for today, according to many!

Note that these picks are updated everyday at 7 AM CET and can alter at any time up until then if odds change.

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Today’s Best Daily Football Betting Tip

20/10/2021 2:00 pm

Cardiff U23 VS Charlton U23

TIP 1 @ 1.46
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Last Daily Tips

Started Match Tip Result
20/10/2021 2:00 pm Cardiff U23 VS Charlton U23 1 @ 1.46
20/10/2021 12:00 pm FK Strogino Moscow VS Vidnoe 1 @ 1.26
20/10/2021 2:00 pm Coventry U23 VS Wigan U23 1 @ 1.45
20/10/2021 12:00 pm Shakhtar Bulat VS Kyzylzhar Academy 1 @ 1.39
20/10/2021 2:00 pm Lyngby VS Hobro 1 @ 1.37
20/10/2021 1:00 pm Berliner AK 07 VS Lichtenberg 1 @ 1.33
20/10/2021 1:00 pm Koge W VS KoldingQ W 1 @ 1.26
20/10/2021 2:00 pm Mainz II VS Kassel 1 @ 1.64
20/10/2021 2:00 pm Aubstadt VS Pipinsried 1 @ 1.40
20/10/2021 1:00 pm Energie Cottbus VS Meuselwitz 1 @ 1.38
20/10/2021 10:15 am Vltavin VS Motorlet Prague 1 @ 1.66
20/10/2021 1:00 pm Lokomotive Leipzig VS Tasmania Berlin 1 @ 1.31
20/10/2021 3:00 pm Podbrezova VS Zilina B 1 @ 1.45
20/10/2021 6:30 pm A. Lustenau VS Kapfenberg 1 @ 1.39
20/10/2021 6:30 pm Floridsdorfer AC VS Vorwarts Steyr 1 @ 1.64
20/10/2021 3:30 pm Nasaf Qarshi VS Metallurg Bekabad 1 @ 1.36
20/10/2021 6:00 pm Triglav VS Bilje 1 @ 1.37
20/10/2021 12:00 pm FK Rostov U19 VS Krasnodar U19 1 @ 1.68
20/10/2021 7:30 pm Genk U21 VS St. Liege U21 1 @ 1.66
20/10/2021 3:30 pm Legionowo VS LKS Lodz II 1 @ 1.37
20/10/2021 3:00 pm Swit VS Biala Piska 1 @ 1.51
20/10/2021 12:00 pm Bydgoszcz W VS Rekord Bielsko-Biala W 1 @ 1.34
20/10/2021 2:00 pm Sukhothai VS Muangkan Utd 1 @ 1.47
10/12/2021 8:45 pm Denmark VS Austria 1 @ 1.48
10/12/2021 6:00 pm South Africa VS Ethiopia 1 @ 1.38
10/12/2021 8:45 pm Lewes VS Leatherhead 1 @ 1.34
10/12/2021 10:10 pm Tigre VS CA Mitre 1 @ 1.53
10/12/2021 4:00 pm Alaves B VS Lagun Onak 1 @ 1.39
10/11/2021 8:45 pm Croatia VS Slovakia 1 @ 1.45
10/10/2021 2:30 pm Sudtirol VS Giana Erminio 1 @ 1.60

What is the Daily Tip?

The Daily FBT is the algorithm’s attempt to identify the most likely winning bet of the day, with the hopes of making a steady profit over time by placing this bet every day. The key is to stake the same amount on this bet every day to maintain a consistent staking plan and prevent gaining a profit just to lose it all on the next wager.

People often refer to the Daily FBT as a Banker Bet, but we refrain from using that term as ‘Banker’ would seem to sugges that it will not lose and we don’t make false promises. Another common name for Bet Of Daily Football Betting Tip is another term of Tip of The Day on other sites but this is exactly the same as what we show here as our picks are always singles and we never advise on accumulators.

How often does the bet for today win?

Our betting picks are the finest of the day based on the games available and predictions, but that does not guarantee that they will win. However, we predict it to win at least 75% of the time. Always gamble responsibly and never risk more money than you can afford to lose. Expert tipsters who spend hours a day researching their bets are still unable to equal us in terms of strike rate.

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