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North Carolina Courage W vs Houston Dash W

Update: July 18, 2021

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Every day, our system analyzes the numbers to determine which football betting tips are the best for your bet. It has chosen the following as today’s daily football betting tip! These are the finest football predictions for today, according to many!

18/07/2021 12:00 am


North Carolina Courage W VS Houston Dash W

TIP North Carolina Courage W Win & Under 2.5 Goals @ 2.87
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Most frequent tips from our tipsters, based on their use of our website.

Time Match Tipsters Pick 1X2
17:00 Twente W - VV Alkmaar W 88%1.00 0%13.00 13%41.00 This prediction is based on 8 tipsters!
18:00 Ishoj IF - Naesby 68%2.30 16%3.39 16%2.68 This prediction is based on 31 tipsters!
18:00 Saoura - Al Kuwait 57%1.69 29%3.12 14%5.02 This prediction is based on 14 tipsters!
18:00 Middelfart - FA 2000 64%1.87 9%3.60 27%3.62 This prediction is based on 11 tipsters!
18:30 Heimstetten - Buchbach 47%2.60 21%3.39 32%2.39 This prediction is based on 19 tipsters!
18:45 Bayern Munich W - Arsenal W 88%1.73 7%3.84 5%3.86 This prediction is based on 57 tipsters!
19:00 Kassel - Aalen 61%2.18 11%3.30 28%2.97 This prediction is based on 18 tipsters!
19:00 Ammerthal - Eltersdorf 9%4.15 6%3.97 85%1.61 This prediction is based on 33 tipsters!
19:00 Potsdam W - Koln W 14%3.82 14%3.90 71%1.72 This prediction is based on 21 tipsters!
19:00 Motz/Silz - SC Imst 90%1.93 7%3.62 3%3.12 This prediction is based on 29 tipsters!
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